Learn Free Swedish Vocabulary with Gengo Audio Flashcards App Reviews

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I am semi-fluent in Swedish this filled in the blanks

Looks like Its good but...

it keeps crashing after the 1st flashcard in either mode. Yes, I turned the phone off/back on.

Really helpful...but short!

I am moving to Sweden shortly and this app is really helpful: the photos & voice definitely helps me to learn the word. However, there are just 20 cards, and the full app only has 250 cards for $5.99. Shouldnt cost that much for so few words.

keeps stalling; solve by deleting EVERYTHING :(

I’ve been using this app on my iPod Touch for years. When it works, it’s fantastic. Unfortunately, after a few hundred words that I excitedly save every day, the app stalls. It continues to display the “Loading” picture. It never stops. It’s impossible to refresh; no turning off & on will help; no updating or re-downloading will solve the problem. The only way to “solve” it is to DELETE the few hundred words you have stored and re-install it. IT’S CRUSHING TO DO THIS. :( It’s either start from ZERO or just forget about it. You don’t have access to the “bank” of words you have; you can do nothing but lose everything and start from scratch.

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