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Learn Free Swedish Vocabulary with Gengo Audio Flashcards app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 8912 ratings )
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Developer: Innovative Language Learning USA LLC
Current version: 1.7, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 26 Mar 2009
App size: 13.46 Mb

Gengo Flashcards Lite - Swedish

Learn Swedish just like a native Swedish speaker!

In just minutes a day, learn to properly pronounce and read Swedish words!

Gengo Flashcards Lite provides a revolutionary way for you to quickly grow your vocabulary. The application combines visual cues with the voices of native speakers to provide you with the most effective method of learning and retaining hundreds of vocabulary words. With these special flashcards, were adding another sensory receptor to your learning experience so youll learn Swedish that much faster! Youre now learning just like a native speaker.

Learn to Read the words and proper pronuncation

Yet another sense will get involved in the learning process to help you master speaking Swedish in no time at all! Hear proper pronuncation while you see each word in Swedish.

Test yourself with fun audio-enabled vocabulary quizzes!

Theres nothing like a little competition (even against yourself) to really heighten your abilities. Test yourself with fun vocabulary quizzes. Find out where your weak points are so that you can go back and review by listening to each word again or using the game or flashcard program.

* 20 Flashcards
* Quick Pronunciation & Accent Review
* Vocabulary Retention Builder
* Fun Review Quizzes
* 2 Applications in 1: Flashcard Mode and Game Mode

The is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to build your Swedish vocabulary.

Easily master every word in the application as you commute to work or school, while waiting for someone, workout at the gym, or any other time you have a few minutes of time.

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Latest reviews of Learn Free Swedish Vocabulary with Gengo Audio Flashcards app for iPhone and iPad

I am semi-fluent in Swedish this filled in the blanks
Looks like Its good but...
it keeps crashing after the 1st flashcard in either mode. Yes, I turned the phone off/back on.
Really helpful...but short!
I am moving to Sweden shortly and this app is really helpful: the photos & voice definitely helps me to learn the word. However, there are just 20 cards, and the full app only has 250 cards for $5.99. Shouldnt cost that much for so few words.
keeps stalling; solve by deleting EVERYTHING :(
I’ve been using this app on my iPod Touch for years. When it works, it’s fantastic. Unfortunately, after a few hundred words that I excitedly save every day, the app stalls. It continues to display the “Loading” picture. It never stops. It’s impossible to refresh; no turning off & on will help; no updating or re-downloading will solve the problem. The only way to “solve” it is to DELETE the few hundred words you have stored and re-install it. IT’S CRUSHING TO DO THIS. :( It’s either start from ZERO or just forget about it. You don’t have access to the “bank” of words you have; you can do nothing but lose everything and start from scratch.
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